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Golden Hearts Care, LLC is one of Kansas City's few (if not only) Vietnamese-focused Adult Day Care Center and Home Care Service Agency.

We serve Medicaid-eligible seniors in Jackson, Clay, and Platte County, offering services to assist these senior's daily needs and introducing them to a supportive community filled with other seniors and staff that share traditions and customs found in the Vietnamese culture.

Founded in 2021, a time filled with a lot of worry and fear due to the COVID Pandemic, we saw the Vietnamese senior community struggling with isolation and depression due to not seeing family and friends. Along with a language barrier and years of experiencing the feeling of not belonging since immigrating to a new country, this lead to many hardships to a member's physical and emotional health.


So we decided to do something about it.

Our mission is to support the Vietnamese senior community's well-being, provide an enjoyable environment similar to being back home in Vietnam, and protect them from those that may take advantage of member's physical, mental, or language-associated challenges.

With a dedicated team and supportive Vietnamese community, our goal is to be the premier destination for Vietnamese senior resources and needs.



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